DingoM is a Lithuanian brand of backpacks, handbags and other accessories, born in 2015. It came about because we wanted to find a product that would bring minimalism and symbolise Lithuania. Each of our products is an expression of our love for the nature and history of Lithuania, combining the classic with simplicity and modernity. To convey the traditions of our ancestors, most of our photo shoots take place in an old, authentic farmhouse.


The DingoM logo represents the dingo, a purebred endangered Australian dingo dog - wild and unpredictable, but focused and ready for a challenge. These dogs are believed to be the only remaining purebred descendants of prehistoric domestic dogs. It is symbolic that our first collection was dedicated to Australia. Each of our subsequent collections has been dedicated to a different part of the world.


Our products are designed for all people who are looking for quality, durable, long-lasting leather accessories for everyday use. We want to show that our products are versatile - they go well with both modern and classic combinations, and are suitable for all seasons, so they are chosen by people of all ages and hobbies.


Dingom is inspired by the harsh Lithuanian nature, which is why our works are dominated by the colours and mattness of nature. We try to accentuate the beauty of natural leather, so we don't overload our products with extra details.

DingoM handbags and other products are made in a small studio in the centre of Vilnius. They are made exclusively by hand by experienced craftsmen who love their work. Why a handbag comes to be the way it is, there is probably a lot to talk about, because there is no single factor or rule that determines one model or another. The longest is probably the maturing of ideas and carrying them around in the mind. Customer preferences are a big factor. At the same time, we also follow fashion trends, which our products are very much in tune with at this time. Once the idea is on paper, the sketches go to the craftswomen, together we refine them, discuss constructions, leathers, details, fittings, estimate production costs and the rest of the work is done by the craftswomen - they draw the scales, make the test models, which are refined if necessary, before they go to the photo shoots and the shops.



Many of dingoM's handbags are made from "crazy horse" leather, which is valued for its strength, resilience and durability. This leather has natural darkening or lightening, various stripes, etc., so a handbag made of this leather is, so to speak, a one-off, as you are unlikely to find another handbag with the same pattern. However, if you don't like those marks, they can easily be removed with the help of various leather care products. However, a large number of our customers choose this leather precisely because of these individual marks. Moreover, it is probably the only type of leather that is becoming more beautiful over time. We carefully select every leather we use for our bags, and we usually choose Italian and Lithuanian leather producers and suppliers. We use high quality metal parts from Italian manufacturers, usually metal fittings in brass, black or silver. We choose YKK zippers, which are known worldwide as manufacturers of strong and reliable zippers.


DingoM stands out because it gives shoppers the opportunity to contribute to the design of their handbags. Handbags can be ordered with or without lining and with a choice of fasteners. We offer a wide choice of colours. If buyers have special requests - a different colour, handle, size, additional pockets, etc. - we try to accommodate them and adapt them to the existing model.